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Jerry Panas and Thanksgiving Blessings

Read Jerry Panas’ encouraging Thanksgiving exhortation, below. It’s for every day, not just Thanksgiving. And, read about why he had such an impact in the world: My coauthor for two books (Power Questions and Power Relationships), Jerry was arguably the single most influential and successful consultant to philanthropy and the nonprofit world in the last […]

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Ideas Are Everywhere and Everyone Can Come Up With Them

Willie Nelson, the acclaimed country singer-songwriter, has written over 1000 songs. A journalist once asked him, “How do you do it—how do you keep coming up with new songs?” His reply: “Songs are everywhere.” John Lennon and Paul McCartney of Beatles’ fame similarly had a knack for observing the world around them and incorporating the […]

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20 Opportunities to Grow Your Client Relationships

Are your client relationships growing, staying the same, or shrinking? How much influence do you really have over the direction they take? The answer to this second question is, I believe, a whole lot. While many factors influence whether or not a relationship grows, you and your team can have an enormous impact on the […]

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12 Indicators of Relationship Decline

The CEO of a Fortune-100 company I was advising got an unexpected call from the CEO of their largest technology supplier. The technology company CEO said he was going to be in New York City the following week and wanted to meet up to review the relationship. They scheduled the day and time, and my […]

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Eight Strategies to Grow Your Business in Any Market Conditions

One of my clients, a global consulting firm, wanted to build a relationship with a Fortune-50 company in the Midwest. This company never used consultants, and my client had virtually no preexisting relationships with their management. However, my client was determined to win them over. They asked a senior partner to spend most of his […]

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Keep Your Clients for Life – It Starts With Clients Day 100

Why do some client relationships slowly diminish and die, while others thrive for years? A key secret to keeping clients for life has to do with treating old clients like brand-new clients. You can learn how to do this in the last chapter—Day 100—of my newest book, It Starts with Clients. Check it out here: […]

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Your Week 14 Challenge: Become a Person of Interest to the C-Suite

This is your final challenge in the 100-Day Client Growth program. Congratulations on finishing! This week, you’ll work on becoming a person of interest to senior executives. To complete this week’s challenge, be sure to read or listen to Week 14: Become an Irresistible Person of Interest in It Starts with Clients (pages 217-228 in the hardcover version). (If you […]

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Your Week 13 Challenge: Develop a C-Suite Relationship

You’re in the home stretch of the 100-Day Client Growth Challenge–just one more week after this! This week, you’ll apply strategies to help build a relationship with a senior executive by adding more “value for time” in your meetings. To complete this week’s challenge, be sure to read or listen to Week 13: Build Senior […]

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