Jerry Panas and Thanksgiving Blessings

Read Jerry Panas’ encouraging Thanksgiving exhortation, below. It’s for every day, not just Thanksgiving. And, read about why he had such an impact in the world:

My coauthor for two books (Power Questions and Power Relationships), Jerry was arguably the single most influential and successful consultant to philanthropy and the nonprofit world in the last 50 years. He helped hundreds of leading institutions and organizations clarify their mission and raise the funds to implement it. I’m thankful he was a friend and collaborator. Here are seven reasons Jerry was an extraordinary human being and professional: 1. Read his Thanksgiving blessing, attached. 2. He was a master of his craft–but more. He was an innovator, and brought a unique, mission- and donor-centered ethos to his work. 3. He never complained. 4. The cup wasn’t half empty or half full–it was always full. If you asked Jerry how things were going, the answer was simply, “Great.” 5. He developed a special personal style and brand years before the concept of “personal branding” become popular. 6. His life was mission- and purpose-driven. At the age of 85, every week he was still flying around the country, teaching his principles of fundraising to rapt audiences. 7. He communicated through engaging and humorous stories, and recognized their power decades before “storytelling” became the subject of countless business books. Happy Thanksgiving!

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