Building Your Clients for Life

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Is it really possible for have ”clients for life”?


Most clients want long-term relationships with trusted providers. They know that the more you understand them, their organization, and their challenges, the more value you can add. Strong relational trust reduces their risk.

Earning this kind of loyalty is based on adding continual value in the context of a trusted relationship. In these six courses, you’ll learn the strategies, skills, and techniques required to develop these deep, enduring client relationships.

This is the same content I’ve taught to over 50,000 successful professionals around the world at many of the world’s leading companies. It’s based on my nine bestselling books and over two decades of research. (You can read more about me here).

Course Benefits


Each course provides detailed strategies and skills for mastering a group of critical client development challenges (22 in total). They include in-depth, carefully structured audio lessons that you can stream or download, short video summaries, and application worksheets to put into practice what you’ve learned. (View the entire program roadmap, here).

These six courses will help you:

  • Broaden and deepen your trusted advisor skills
  • Reposition yourself from a commodity expert to a client advisor
  • Expand and more easily manage your network of potential clients
  • Systematically grow your existing client relationships, year after year
  • Troubleshoot your most vexing client relationship issues

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Click on individual titles to learn more about the content, pricing, and how to buy.

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Individual Clients For Life Courses

Become a Trusted Client Advisor

Broaden and deepen your trusted-advisor and relationship-building skills. Strengthen your ability to empathize, build trust, and understand your clients’ agenda.

Deepen Your Trusted Advisor Skills

Master the art of asking thought-provoking questions, develop your “selfless independence,” and bring more big-picture thinking to your clients.

Create a Lead-Generating Network

Develop trusted relationships with six key types of individuals. Learn to manage three overlapping networks—the critical few, the middle few, and the many.

Grow Your Relationships

To build clients for life, you must be intentional. The right strategies will carry you from an initial project or contract to a long-term relationship.

Multiply Your Relationships

Strong client relationships can help you create other successful relationships if you use the right multiplication strategies. Employ these techniques to dramatically enhance mutual value and impact.

Solve Tough Relationship Issues

Learn practical strategies to overcome 14 of the most common challenges that you will face during all phases of client development, from sales through delivery and ongoing relationship management.

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