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The full Building Clients for Life program offers a comprehensive roadmap of the strategies and skills required to act as a trusted advisor with your clients. When you buy all six courses, you also receive a bonus lesson, Handling Client Objections.

You get access to all six clients for life courses, which provide a total of 11 hours of intensive learning. Go through them sequentially, or consume them based on which topics address your immediate challenges.

Collection Contents

Become a Trusted Client Advisor

Broaden and deepen your trusted-advisor and relationship-building skills. Strengthen your ability to empathize, build trust, and understand your clients’ agenda.

Deepen Your Trusted Advisor Skills

Master the art of asking thought-provoking questions, develop your “selfless independence,” and bring more big-picture thinking to your clients.

Create a Lead-Generating Network

Develop trusted relationships with six key types of individuals. Learn to manage three overlapping networks—the critical few, the middle few, and the many.

Grow Your Relationships

To build clients for life, you must be intentional. The right strategies will carry you from an initial project or contract to a long-term relationship.

Multiply Your Relationships

Strong client relationships can help you create other successful relationships if you use the right multiplication strategies. Employ these techniques to dramatically enhance mutual value and impact.

Solve Tough Relationship Issues

Learn practical strategies to overcome 14 of the most common challenges that you will face during all phases of client development, from sales through delivery and ongoing relationship management.

BONUS CONTENT — Handling Tough Client Objections

Learn to use client objections to deepen the conversation. Includes two audio lessons, application worksheet, video, and quiz.

Course contents

  • 11 hours of intensive learning
  • 66 audio lessons narrated by Andrew
  • 21 summary videos
  • 18 application worksheets
  • 22 quizzes

You also receive

  • 12 months of access to your course
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase
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Investment: If purchased individually: $594  Full Program $479 (20% off)

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