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Improve your ability to win new clients, grow existing relationships, and connect in the C-suite.

Do your clients view you as an investment or an expense?

If you’re seen as contributing to your client’s growth and profits, you’ll be an investment they can’t get enough of rather than an expense to be cut at any time. Andrew’s extensive suite of acclaimed online courses will help you make a fundamental shift from expert to indispensable client advisor. They are based on the most in-depth research ever conducted into the ingredients of long-term client relationships (read more about Andrew and the development of these courses, here).

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Make a powerful shift from expert for hire to client advisor and achieve true client development mastery. Earn the Client Advisor Certification with this in-depth set of masterclasses for experienced practitioners.

Consume these short, incisive lessons anytime, anywhere as you learn to develop your trusted advisor skills and grow your client relationships. For anyone who is in client management or sales.

Develop the key relationships that will give you access to the best opportunities, get your ideas accepted, and accelerate your career. For early- to mid-career professionals.

Four reasons why so many leading firms use Andrew’s online courses


Course participants report quantifiable gains in winning new clients, growing their existing relationships, accessing senior executives, and acquiring the personal confidence required to be a trusted advisor.

Authoritative Content

These courses incorporate findings from 25 years of the most comprehensive research ever conducted on the ingredients of great client relationships. 5000+ interviews, multiple surveys and studies, nine books, 350+ articles.

A Trusted Guide

Andrew is widely viewed as the leading global authority on building clients for life. His videos and narration are filled with engaging, real-life examples drawn from his 35+ years of advising C-suite executives in over 40 countries.

Depth & Breadth

You’ll learn the strategies and skills to address virtually every important client development topic: Shifting from expert to advisor, becoming a proactive agenda setter, building C-suite relationships, selling major programs, using Power Questions, reframing client issues, handling difficult clients, plus dozens more.

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