Earn clients for life as a
trusted advisor

Do your clients view you as an investment or an expense?

Consider these truths about growing client relationships:

  1. If clients view you as part of their growth and profits, you become an essential investment, not an expense. You’re a partner in their success.

  2. To access the C-suite, you must be seen as a person of interest

  3. Clients hire experts but keep advisors.

  4. In meetings with top executives, be bold and play to win. If you’re risk averse and try to “not lose,” you’ll lose.

  5. Lower your threshold to visit a client, and your relationships will deepen (most people make it hard to see a client!).

  6. Treat a prospect like a client and they’ll likely become one.

  7. Follow the person, not the position.

  8. Evoke your client’s curiosity. It’s one of your most powerful sales strategies.

Make these powerful truths work for you and you will become indispensable to your clients—and to your organization.

For over 35 years Andrew Sobel has been teaching professionals around the world how to earn clients for life as a trusted advisor. He founded his own international consulting firm 25 years ago, after spending more than a decade at a global consulting company where he was a senior partner and country CEO.

Leading companies as diverse as Citibank, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, PwC, Bain & Co., Booz Allen Hamilton, McKinsey—and several hundred others—have sought Andrew out to coach and train their executives how to win more new clients and keep them for life. As a result, his firm has grown grown steadily every year, including during three recessions. (You can read more about Andrew, here).

Andrew’s proven client development strategies and skills are based on decades of unique research into the ingredients of trusted client relationships, including more than 5000 interviews with senior executives. His nine acclaimed books have been translated into 21 languages. These comprehensive resources are now available to you through his online Learning Academy, which offers nearly 40 hours of instruction through three major programs.

Join over 50,000 professionals that Andrew has trained in 52 countries–and 300,000 readers of his books– who have used these powerful ideas to grow their client relationships.

Start building your clients for life, today

Four reasons why so many leading
firms use Andrew’s online courses


Course participants report quantifiable gains in winning new clients, growing their existing relationships, accessing senior executives, and acquiring the personal confidence required to be a trusted advisor.

Authoritative Content

These courses incorporate findings from 25 years of the most comprehensive research ever conducted on the ingredients of great client relationships. 5000+ interviews, multiple surveys and studies, nine books, 350+ articles.

A Trusted Guide

Andrew is widely viewed as the leading global authority on building clients for life. His videos and narration are filled with engaging, real-life examples drawn from his 35+ years of advising C-suite executives in over 40 countries.

Depth & Breadth

You’ll learn the strategies and skills to address every virtually every important client development topic: Shifting from expert to advisor, becoming a proactive agenda setter, building C-suite relationships, selling major programs, using Power Questions, reframing client issues, handling difficult clients, plus dozens more.

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