Andrew’s acclaimed, bestselling books have been translated into 21 languages and sold over 300,000 copies

Grow Your Client Base

It Starts With Clients

Learn specific strategies to attract more clients, grow existing relationships, and move confidently from a first meeting to a signed contract.


“A master class on how to build client relationships with senior decision-makers.”

STUART JACKSON Global Managing Partner, L.E.K. Consulting
Align with the Laws

Power Relationships

Learn to harness the 26 Relationship Laws and thrive at work and at home.


“I loved the laws of Power Relationships. The wisdom in these laws is founded on purposeful yet selfless curiosity in our fellow man. Follow them and watch your fortunes improve. I will even share this book with my children as it holds many great lessons.”

STEVE THOMAS Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation, Experion
Ask, Don't Tell

Power Questions

This is a book that will transform your conversations — and maybe even your life. One of the top-selling business books of the decade.


“Reading Power Questions is like listening in to the most amazing array of private conversations with CEOs, politicians, religious authorities, and entrepreneurs. A joyous read.”

DAVID SABLE former Global CEO, Young & Rubicam
From Trusted Advisor to Trusted Partner

All for One

Learn 10 powerful strategies for building enduring, institutional relationships.


“All for One is thought provoking and actionable, making it a valuable roadmap for building trust and mutual benefit between clients and advisors”

STEVEN B. PFEIFFER Partner and former Chairman, Fulbright & Jaworski (Norton Rose Fulbright)
From Expert to Advisor

Clients for Life

The original, classic bestseller on evolving from a commodity expert for hire to a trusted client advisor. This engaging book, which includes profiles of famous advisors in history, sets out the seven essential attributes that every client-facing professional must develop in order to succeed.


One of the best client-relationship books published recently, this practical guide offers powerful insights for professional advisors and customers alike.

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty

Making Rain

27 short, breezy chapters set out the foundations of client loyalty, using dozens of real-life examples.


“Few understand the advice business like Andrew Sobel, and his well-written book, Making Rain, is overflowing with insight and sage advice on how to create value for clients and earn their enduring loyalty.”

Jim Robins Former CEO, Cox Communications

Building C-Suite Relationships

The right senior executive can make an immediate decision to hire you. He or she can create budget where there was none, and unblock a sale that has been stalled by lower level managers. These senior relationships are critical to success, but they are also harder than ever to develop.


"Andrew combines decades of experience with fresh new perspectives to give us actionable insights...the definitive success formula for winning and keeping clients."

Dave Bencivengo President, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Power Questions to Win the Sale

Use the power of questions to accelerate your sales process and gain client commitment.


"He who asks the most questions wins... This book gives you an arsenal of questions to ask your prospect. Good book for any salesmen or life coach."


Power Questions to Build Clients for Life

The right question can shift a conversation from the analytical to the emotional, from the details to the big picture, and from the past to the future.


"Andrew combines decades of experience with fresh new perspectives to give us actionable insights... the definitive success formula for winning and keeping clients."

DAVID BENCIVENGO President Weichert Workforce Mobility
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