Andrew Sobel is the world’s leading authority on the strategies and skills required to build enduring client relationships. His bestselling books have been translated into 19 languages.

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The Power Questions App

Transform your conversations by always having the right question at your fingertips.

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Power Questions App

500+ questions

43 typical meeting scenarios

25 videos

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Power Questions App

The Power Questions App

Transform your conversations by always having the right question at your fingertips.

450+ questions

45 typical meeting scenarios

25 videos

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What People Are Saying About Andrew

Andrew –in his inimitable style and with the credibility of an expert in the field--eloquently describes how to build trusted client partnerships.

– Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman, JP Morgan Chase–EMEA, and former CEO, Citibank

His deep expertise on what makes service firms successful makes Andrew Sobel's guidance accessible, credible, and invaluable.

– Edward E. Nusbaum, CEO,
Grant Thornton LLP

Andrew Sobel's techniques have been instrumental to building our 'client first' culture at Cognizant.

– Francisco D’Souza, CEO,