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Seven Relationship Lies—and Rules to Replace Them on Valentine’s Day

I usually write strictly about professional relationships, but today, I want to share seven Valentine’s Day lies—and the relationship rules to replace them. Our culture promotes many misleading ideas about what makes for successful personal or romantic relationships. Popular concepts like the need to “just be yourself” or “move on if your needs aren’t being […]

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Clients Every Year

A client of mine dodged death twice. The first instance involved serendipitously avoiding what turned out to be an infamous plane crash caused by a terrorist bomb. The second time had to do with a seemingly innocuous spot on his arm. It looked like a odd-shaped mole, and he ignored it. As the CEO of […]

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The Ten Habits of Terrible Listeners

You’re probably not as good a listener as you think you are. Take this test to assess your listening skills. Click here to download the Listening Skills Self Assessment  

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Ten Listening Pitfalls

By Andrew Sobel There’s a story about a woman, in 19th century England, who had dinner with two great prime ministers and political rivals, Gladstone and Disraeli. Gladstone was the more educated and intellectual of the two; Disraeli more street-smart and intuitive. When asked to compare the two, she said: “After my dinner with Mr. […]

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