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How to Make Every Client Meeting a Powerful Experience

By Andrew Sobel I’ve always been a little skeptical of “alternative” learning experiences which have you reciting Shakespeare, catching your colleagues as they fall backwards into your arms with their eyes closed, or sitting all day at a screen managing a computer simulation. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when I sat in on […]

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Tomorrow’s Client Meeting Starts Today: 14 Questions to Get You Ready

A client meeting doesn’t start when you walk in the door and say good morning to your client. Rather, it begins a day earlier, as you mentally prepare and reflect on how to make that meeting a success for both of you. Too often we are preoccupied with ourselves: with a key message we’re trying […]

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How to Dramatically Increase Your Impact and Satisfaction

Reframing Work and Life #6: The Personal Impact Matrix We would all like our work to be satisfying and meaningful. And to that end, there is an entire industry of books, life coaches, and assessments dedicated to helping people discover what they should really be doing. The dramatic story you may have read about the […]

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6 Reasons Your Client Says “I Don’t Have Budget”—and 16 Ways to Get It

Combating Your Clients Number One Excuse “We don’t have the budget for this” is a phrase anyone who works with clients has heard many times. It’s one of the four fundamental objections in sales, which are: No need (“We just don’t need what you have to offer.”) No urgency (“It’s interesting, but the timing is […]

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Five Powerful Steps to Grow Your Client Base in the New Year

Every new year, all companies face great uncertainties. But what is certain is that if you don’t grow your business, you will fall behind. There are of course times you need to shrink to grow, but that is a temporary tactic to enable future revenue and/or profit growth. In working with a wide range of […]

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Have You Captured all 3 Levels of Client Relationship Potential?

A tale of blind hubris A client of mine implemented an account planning process and asked all their partners to estimate their current share of each client’s business. Sometimes, this metric is referred to as “share of wallet,” although I dislike that term because it sounds like you are stealing the client’s wallet rather than […]

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An Invaluable Tool for any Professional–The New Power Questions Smartphone App

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain, American Author and Humorist Good questions help us get to the heart of our most important issues, at work and in life. When I wrote Power Questions with Jerry Panas, I thought […]

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8 Inexpensive Ways to Add More Client Value

Find Better Ways to Help Your Clients Clients continue to demand more value from their outside advisors and service providers. Corporate executives themselves are under constant pressure to deliver more for less—to increase their output and spend less doing it—and they are passing that on to you. The logical result is downward pressure on fees […]

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