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Seven Questions That Can Transform Your Next Client Conversation

Just as some medicines, depending on the patient’s condition and health, can be either helpful or deadly, the power of any particular question will depend on the context in which it’s used. So whenever people ask me, “You wrote a book on questions—okay, so can you give me an example of a great question?” I […]

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Nine Warning Signs Your Client Relationship Is Unhealthy

A CEO I was working with noticed that year after year, they were doing slightly less business with a major client. The partner in charge of the account, however, insisted confidently that all was well and that he had a great relationship with the client. So the CEO visited the client and met with their […]

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Nine Strategies to Accelerate the Sales Process

How long is your sales cycle? How many months does it take to go from first meeting to a paid engagement? Your answer probably will be, “It depends!” But whatever your answer, you no doubt wish that your sales process would move more quickly. Since the 2008 recession, many of my clients report that, especially […]

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Six Advisor Mindsets that Change Everything

Most corporate training focuses on imparting knowledge, improving skills, and changing behaviors. But the most fundamental impact on your performance and success comes, arguably, from changing your mindset. Mindsets drive your outlook. They can bottle you up and restrict your freedom, or, they can free you to accomplish great things. I know some professionals, for […]

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How to Accelerate Relationships

Client relationships can take a long time to develop. This is especially true in large corporate environments where you have multiple stakeholders that have to be won over and executives who are cautious about opening up to an external advisor. It’s very frustrating when the relationship-building process seems stalled. In some cases, my clients report […]

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How to Turn Every Client Meeting Into a Wow Experience

By Andrew Sobel A Missed Opportunity I advised one of my clients to hold regular “agenda-setting” meetings with an organization they were working with. “But Andrew,” they told me, “we tried that. We set up a quarterly review session attended by representatives of key functions in the business. But after the first couple of meetings, […]

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My best blogs of 2014: 12 Ideas to help you thrive in 2015

My best writing and newest ideas are regularly featured in my weekly blog.  I invite you to subscribe, here, to conveniently receive these fresh strategies by email.  Just enter your email address in the form under my photo in the left column. Here’s what you may be missing: Below, you can review 12 of my best […]

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The Single Most Important Idea for Your Personal and Career Development

By Andrew Sobel We would all like our work to be satisfying and meaningful. And to that end, there is an entire industry of books, life coaches, and assessments dedicated to helping people discover what they should really be doing. The dramatic story you read about the fellow who quits his job as an accountant […]

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