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How to Hold a Perfect First Meeting

Every long-term, trusted partner client relationship started with a single meeting. The genesis is almost always a brief conversation that, frankly, could have gone either way. Why does one first meeting lead to millions of dollars in revenues over many years, whereas another ends up with a “Let’s stay in touch” farewell at the door? […]

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How to Tangibly Improve Your Advisor Skills

While in his 80s, the great classical guitar maestro Andrés Segovia was asked by a journalist if, at this late stage of his career–and given his greatness as a guitarist–he still practiced scales. “Two hours a day” was Segovia’s reply. Deliberate Practice is what leads to a significant improvement in personal capabilities. Deliberate Practice is […]

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How do I connect with a client who just won’t engage with me?

How do I connect with a client who just won't engage with me?

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Holding Successful First Meetings

Can you provide any guidelines or rules for holding a successful first meeting with a prospective client?

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Lessons in Integrity and Loyalty from the Campaign Trail

Before the industrial age, most advisors were political counselors of one sort or another. Think of Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great; Cardinal Richelieu, who was King Louis XIII’s advisor and then “first minister”; or Sir Th

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Handling Age Gaps

I'm 35, but many of the clients I need to build relationships with are 10 or 20 years older than I am, and our lives and interests seem very different. How do I build my credibility with these older executives, and how can I connect with them?

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Ask Questions Like a Client Advisor

When you have an advisor mindset, you ask powerful questions which open up the conversation and help your client focus on his or her most critical issues

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Do an “Unplugged” Performance

About 12 years ago, I was living in Rome, Italy, where I was the country head for Gemini Consulting. For a major assignment for a $5 billion aerospace and defense company, I was collaborating with a business school professor. He taught me the power of performing “unplugged” in front of clients. This professor was opinionated […]

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