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Keeping Relationships Fresh

I’ve been working for several years with the same client. How can I keep the relationship fresh?

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When Clients Have No Budget

18 ideas to get funded when clients say they have no budget

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Don’t Write a Proposal Just Yet

In a difficult market, you may be tempted to get as many proposals as possible out in front of clients.  But writing a proposal prematurely can hurt your chances of winning the business.

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Staying in Touch

How do I stay in touch with past clients, in a meaningful way, when there is no ongoing business? 

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Value for Time

Value for time, even more than value for money, is now of critical importance to senior executives

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Differentiating Yourself

A client of mine—a senior partner in a large professional firm—recently voiced the following frustration to me: “We are unique in the way that we work with clients, and we offer a clearly superior service. But clients don’t seem to recognize this. We should have even more than our share of business.” “Well,” I responded […]

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Getting Comfortable with Getting Personal

I recently met with a client of mine, a managing partner at a large professional firm, to discuss an upcoming workshop with a group of his partners. “Please don’t tell them that they have to become best friends with their clients!” he told me, adding, “It’ll terrify them and they will tune out right then […]

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Adding More Value

At one of my recent workshops, the participants were discussing what is different about managing client relationships today compared to ten years ago. A hand shot up: “Clients want twice as much value for half the price!” I hear this lament frequently, in fact. No question: Today’s clients (often former consultants, law firm partners, or […]

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