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The Relationship Principles: When your relationship-building efforts are driven by the right principles, the results are powerful

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Over many years I have collected these Relationship Principles by observing the world’s best trusted advisors and studying leading service firms that excel at developing trusted client partnerships.

This mini-course is free. But I did not skimp on the investment that went into creating it! My clients have found these principles so useful that I want to share them with everyone.


In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental relationship-building concepts that will propel your professional relationships to the next level

  • This action-oriented course begins with the Principle “Build your network before you need it” and ends with “Be seen as contributing directly to your clients’ growth and profits, and they will never get enough of you.”
  • Each weekly segment is about 500 words in length, and has two parts.

    • Part one explains in detail what the Principle means and gives illustrations of it.
    • Part two describes specific action steps you can take to implement it.