Developing C-Suite Relationships

“It’s hard to get a first meeting with a senior executive—and even harder to get the second one and build an ongoing relationship.”

blue-arrowWhy it’s Important

Relationships with senior executives are essential, even if those individuals don’t directly hire you. Top executives:

  • Formulate and influence strategy
  • Often have both revenue and cost oversight—meaning they can create budget for a good idea
  • Can unblock a stalled sale
  • Are receptive to reframing an expressed need and looking at the total problem and total solution
  • Can rapidly get other key stakeholders aligned

The economic impact of a single top relationship can be huge.

blue-arrowOur Approach

We’ve worked with thousands of professionals to help them both build the right skills and implement tactical plans to develop and deepen key c-suite relationships. Our c-suite programs are based on having advised hundreds of top executives around the world and from the insights we’ve captured from completing well over a thousand interviews with clients about their most trusted advisors.

A typical workshop agenda will include modules on critical topics such as:

  • Adopting the C-Suite Mindset
  • Gaining Access
  • Using Power Questions with Top Executives
  • Holding a Great First Meeting
  • Adding Value for Time
  • Becoming a Person of Interest to the C-Suite
  • Developing a Strategic Relationship Plan for a key, senior executive

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