Managing Tough Client Conversations and Handling Difficult Clients

This Masterclass will help you to:

  • Identify and manage the factors that can raise the likelihood of having tough client conversations in the first place.
  • Learn specific conversational strategies, as well as six essential principles, to help you deal with the inevitable, tough client conversations that you will encounter.
  • Recognize and learn to handle seven distinct types of “difficult” clients (e.g., the Insecure Client, the No Boundaries Client, the Know-It-All Client, the Aloof Client, etc.)
  • Understand the four main sources of relational stress and conflict, and how to deal with them.

Course contents:

  • One hour 25 minutes of intensive learning, including nine in-depth video lessons with Andrew
  • An array of practical, conversational tools to implement what you’ve learned
  • Reflection exercises for use during the videos
  • Application worksheet to immediately apply the main strategies to your own client relationships
  • Best practice checklist
  • Detailed slide presentation for a quick, post-Masterclass review
  • Quiz

You also receive:

  • 12 months of access to your Masterclass on the course site
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase
  • A discount on the next Masterclass you purchase

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