Beatles Trivia

1.    What was the name of the Beatles’ original drummer?

Pete Best

a.    Extra credit: Why was he dropped from the group?

The Beatles’ producer, George Martin, didn’t think he was a very good drummer—specifically, that he had trouble keeping time. Beyond that, Pete did not fit in stylistically with the other three. For example, when they adopted the mop haircuts and leather suits (while in Germany), Pete was still sporting the Elvis “greaser” look.

2.    Where did the name “Beatles” come from?

The original name of the group was the Quarrymen. They loved “Buddy Holly and the Crickets” and somehow came up with the name “Beetles.” John Lennon—always a great punster—then changed the spelling to “Beatles” as in “beat.”

3.    Who was the original Beatles bassist?

Stu Sutcliffe

a.    After he left the group, who played bass?

Paul McCartney took up the bass, becoming the Beatles’ famous “left-handed” bassist.

4.    In what German city did the Beatles perform for 11 months before they became famous?


a.    Extra credit: Name one of the clubs they played in

The Indra Club
The Kaiserkeller
The Top Ten Club
The Star Club (during their second visit in 1962)

5.    What was the Beatles FIRST number one hit?

This is controversial. Most would say “From Me to You,” or alternatively, “Please Please Me.”

a.    Extra credit: What was their LAST number one hit?

“The Ballad of John and Yoko” OR “The Long and Winding Road”

6.    Name one of the universities attended by any of the 4 Beatles.

Sorry, none of them went to university. It obviously didn’t hold them back.

7.    How long did it take the Beatles to record their first album, “Please Please Me”?

12 hours.

a.    Extra credit: What was the name of their first album released in the US?

“Introducing the Beatles” on Vee-Jay records. BUT…
Most people think it is “Meet the Beatles” which was the mega-seller.

8.    In the mid-90s, how much were the surviving Beatles offered to go on tour again?

$500 million.

9.    Why did the Beatles split up?

That’s a very complicated story! Fundamentally, John Lennon—who had started the group—wanted to move on to his next artistic act. He was tired of the suffocating fame, and he and Paul McCartney were getting on each other’s nerves, to put it mildly. George was also tired of the stardom and responsibilities that went along with being a Beatle.

10.    The Beatles considered only ONE other pop group to be their true artistic rival. Which group was this?

The Beach Boys.

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