Winning New Clients

“Experts sell what they know; advisors create an eager buyer and sell what their whole firm knows.”

blue-arrowWhy it’s Important

No matter how well you retain clients, it’s important to continually add new ones to your portfolio. The benefits are huge and include: gaining access to new and innovative best practices, replacing older clients which may leave, creating new challenges for your staff, and planting the seeds for your future “flagship” client relationships.

The economic impact of a single top relationship can be huge.

blue-arrowOur Approach

Many companies try and solve the new client acquisition challenge with sales training, but that’s only a part of the solution. You attract and convert new clients using a variety of interrelated strategies. You must:

  1. Create attraction strategies to pull potential clients to you.
  2. Develop multi-tiered staying-in-touch programs to build and maintain relationships before there is an expressed client need.
  3. Build the skills required to sell with the client advisor– versus the expert–mindset. This drives client-centric behavior instead of an internal focus on methodology. We have developed dozens of tested strategies and tools to help professionals excel at creating buyers.


The Preconditions for a Client to Buy

  • Your client perceives an urgent problem or opportunity
  • The executive you’re talking to “owns” the issue and can take action
  • The client has a healthy dissatisfaction with the current rate of improvement
  • They trust that you are the highest-value alternative
  • The key stakeholders in the organization are aligned

If any of these preconditions are missing… there is no sale

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