The Skills of the Trusted Advisor

“The expert-for-hire is inwardly focused on their own methodology and expertise; the client advisor is outwardly focused on learning everything they can about their client’s toughest issues and challenges.”

blue-arrowWhy it’s Important

Expertise is essential. By itself, however, it is a commodity that will not truly differentiate you in the marketplace. Clients hire experts, but they keep advisors who bring other skills to the table.

black-arrowOur Approach

We’ve completed over 20 years of research to identify the most important relationship‐building skills and the techniques for developing them. This has included thousands of interviews that we’ve conducted with successful advisors and the top executives who hire them. Our road‐tested training and coaching programs impact skills, behaviors, and mindsets. They have been used by tens of thousands of professionals to dramatically improve their trusted advisor skills. The results? Broader, deeper client relationships. Greater client retention. Higher value engagements. Less discount pressure. Greater client impact. More personal satisfaction.

Advisors behave very differently than experts

The Expert The Advisor
Tells Asks great questions and listens
Is for hire Has “selfless independence”
Stays within expertise Is a deep generalist (expertise + business acumen)
Analyzes Analyzes and synthesizes
Builds professional credibility Builds deep personal trust
Is reactive Is a proactive agenda setter
Sells Creates a buyer

From Clients for Life by Andrew Sobel and Jagdish Sheth

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