This 62-page report provides unique perspectives on relationships and collaboration from over 2,000 professionals around the globe

In this global study, we set out to better understand how to address a set of critical challenges faced by both Millennials and their Employers.


  • Learn essential relationship-building skills and develop the trusted stakeholder relationships they need in order to thrive in their careers.
  • Build their success network:
    • Internally – with colleagues, supervisors, and mentors
    • Externally – with clients and customers, thought leaders, and other influencers


  • Foster the internal collaboration, across business units and functions, and across generational cohorts, that fuels great client relationships and spurs innovation.
  • Engage, retain, and develop Millennial employees, many of whom plan to leave within three years.
Millenials Graph


  • Relationship-Building Skills and Challenges
  • Intergenerational Challenges in the Workplace
  • Internal Relationships & Collaboration
  • Social Media & Professional Relationships
  • Engagement at Work
  • Mentoring & Retention of Millennials