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A leading international consulting firm wanted to restore consistent revenue growth in one of its largest worldwide markets. Issues included a lack of long-term investment in and teaming around key clients, excessive internal focus, a lack of clarity around the role of the client relationship partner, and a very financially oriented client planning process.

Andrew worked with this firm’s senior management to define and implement four initiatives that helped reinvigorate the revenue base in this market. These included:

  • A series of facilitated forums for client relationship managers to share and codify best practices for creating client partnerships.
  • A redefinition of the role of client relationship manager.
  • A new approach to staffing client assignments to ensure that resources are sufficiently dedicated to each client and that there is fuller representation of the firm’s service offerings and functional capabilities.
  • A new client account development process that emphasizes many-to-many relationship building; deep, reflective strategizing with the whole team present; and ambitious aspiration-setting rather than conservative forecasting.

This market went from being last in growth to first, and the number of $1 million+ clients who bought multiple service offerings doubled.